Fleury Michon's culinary experts make it a priority to stay connected to market trends. Our Chefs master local and international cuisines, including French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and continental.
Every year, we develop hundreds of recipes that celebrate the flavors of the world.


Make every meal a culinary voyage!


Fleury Michon Chef since 1989

Alain, a France West Coast native, first worked for famous restaurants in Paris including a Michelin-starred establishment. He now collaborates with the well-known Chef Joël Robuchon to develop Fleury Michon signature dishes.


Fleury Michon Chef since 1999

Bertrand, a France native, is passionate about the type of cuisine that highlights the food product. After hospitality training, he travelled all over throughout his career. He travels on a regular basis to Europe, Asia and America to discover cuisines from around the world.


Fleury Michon Chef since 1997

Fabrice was influenced by his parents, both French foodies, from a very young age. Driven by his passion for food, he opened his own restaurant in 1990. He later
became a key asset to our organisation bringing years of experience in traditional
French cuisine.


Fleury Michon Chef since 2005

Norbert is well-versed in many different cuisines: Swiss, English, Asian, French, Canadian, Kosher and Halal. Over the years, he has collaborated with many high-profile Chefs such as Gérard Boyer, Joël Robuchon, Daniel Boulud and Daniel Vézina.


Fleury Michon Chef since 2016

After training at the Paris Hotel school, Philippe worked for various resorts all around the world. After living in Mexico, Brazil and Europe, he settled in Canada 17 years ago. Philippe is known for his creativity and for being a great team player.


Fleury Michon Chef since 2017

Emmanuel started his career as a Chef in the family restaurant. He has years of experience working in Quebec and New York City, which makes him an expert
in North American cuisine. Curious by nature, he develops dishes inspired by
seasonal ingredients.