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Fleury Michon has announced the acquisition of Marfo Group

Regis Lebrun, General Manager of Fleury Michon SA and Claude Bergeron, President of Fleury Michon America are pleased to announce that the Fleury Michon SA Quebec subsidiary, Fleury Michon America is expanding its international airline catering business.

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Marfo and Fleury Michon merge

Fleury Michon has announce the acquisition of the Marfo Food Group. Marfo will merge with Fleury Michon America and operate under its subsidiary Fleury Michon Airline Catering International.

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Daniel Vézina Proudly Supports Local Suppliers

Fleury Michon America has been working with local suppliers since 2016 to produce Chef Daniel Vézina's meals dedicated to Air Transat passengers. The signature dishes are developed and prepared at Fleury Michon’s facilities located in Rigaud.

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What's Hot: Egg Snacks

Fleury Michon Airline Catering is introducing new Egg Snacks.

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Fleury Michon names new VP of Sales and Marketing

Fleury Michon Airline Catering has welcomed Stephane Koeman as VP of Sales and Marketing.

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Stephane Koeman : VP Sales & Marketing

Stephane has over 30 years of marketing and sales experience with a proven record in building strong Customer partnerships and growing businesses.

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Joël Robuchon, French celebrity chef, dies at 73

French celebrity chef Joël Robuchon has passed away at the age of 73, his spokeswoman confirmed to CNN Monday.

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Fleury Michon Airline Catering partners with California Rice Center

Fleury Michon Airline Catering (FMAC) announced today that it has joined forces with the California Rice Center (CRC) to serve the growing Asian airline catering market.

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Fleury Michon Airline Catering partners with Chinese and Japanese culinary experts

Fleury Michon Airline Catering is now collaborating with Chef Chang Chuan Hsu (Henry), Chef Junichi Ikematsu and Executive Chef Felix Yu to develop authentic Chinese and Japanese menus.

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Fleury Michon Airline Catering welcomes new Senior Director

Fleury Michon Airline Catering is proud to announce the nomination of David Salonsky as Senior Director, Global Business Development, Asia-Pacific.

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Delta Dailyfood and Fleury Michon become Fleury Michon Airline Catering

The catering division of Fleury Michon, based in Europe, and their subsidiary Delta Dailyfood, based in North America, are rebranding to become Fleury Michon Airline Catering.

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Des plateaux qui volent haut

Il n’y a pas si longtemps, le cabaret servi en avion était vu comme un mal alimentaire nécessaire. Ou presque. On partait avec cette idée que ce serait sans doute fade, un peu beige, sans goût et sans panache. On avalait le contenu du plateau pour satisfaire sa faim, mais pas nécessairement ses papilles.

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Cuisine de haut vol

Pour contrer la réputation de malbouffe dans les avions, plusieurs compagnies aériennes s’associent à de grands noms de la gastronomie…

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